The Day in the Life of a PR Professional

26 Jul

By MCA Public Relations

His interests range from historical anecdotes, to obscure geographic references, to the in-depth analytical discussions of modern day. He travels, cooks, remains well-versed in current events. He’s the General Manager of a long-standing public relations agency in the Silicon Valley. He’s the most interesting man in the world…well, at least at MCA Public Relations. Strategizing on all aspects of public relations, staying current with the new and interesting technologies and all the while, pestering his coworkers to remain fresh and innovative, he handles a lot. Read on to find out a day in the life of Brian Fisher, a PR Professional.

6:00am: I wake up and turn on the news to have in the background as I get ready for the day. I drink about 4 cups of really good, Peet’s coffee in the morning to get my brain running. Otherwise I tend to just stare-off into space.

6:30am: Checking on emails first thing is important, especially with many clients on the east coast or even international. I make sure there isn’t anything immediate or nothing I’ve missed from the night before.

7:00am: I shower and get ready for work. Since I work from home, I like to visit the nearby empanada shop and grab a coffee and make myself available for meetings throughout the day.

8:00am: I get on calls with clients in Europe or on the east coast.


9:00am: Calls are usually done—so it’s time to start working on writing projects or setting up media interviews with clients and pitching story ideas.

11:00am: On Tuesdays, the entire staff checks in with each other. This is especially important since we all work remotely. Usually I’m looking for help or advice from a colleague.

staff meeting

12:00pm: I usually have a lunch meeting with new business, coworkers, former colleagues. I believe the best ideas comes from good old-fashion brainstorming, so I take any opportunity I have to talk through some of my more brilliant ideas—and to keep my contacts well-polished. Networking is the key to life in the Silicon Valley.

1:00pm-3:00pm: I save the afternoons for more strategic work. Ordinarily, we have a press release for any one of our clients going out or articles being written about them, so I tend to keep checking coverage in my peripherals. Despite what I am doing, checking coverage is a fluid part of my day.

6:00pm: The collaboration continues as I am eager to find insight in speaking with coworkers and former colleagues. The evenings are also good times following any events we attend to stop by networking events or take visiting clients to the local watering holes after a well-deserved work day.


9:00pm: I tend to watch the evening cable news. I have my phone buzzing all day with alerts, but I like to make sure I am checking multiple resources and filling in any information gaps mobile may not allow.

11:00pm: After catching up on Homeland or unwinding with an episode of Better Call Saul, I head to bed. The mental break serves well to relax the mind and push the day’s agonies out of my head.


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